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Here is a very small API for grabbing "listen-now" data for all radio and TV services within Media UK. This is designed to easily return official web players for radio and TV services. Roughly the same queries are used at http://www.mediauk.com/listen

This is designed to be similar to the BBC API, for ease of use. However, this API only supports the 'simple' format, and has extensions to the current BBC API which are currently under discussion.

This is a prototype.


Arguments: none

Example request:

Example response:
<channel channel_id="28176" name="BBC Parliament" fixname="BBC Parliament" type="tv"/>
<channel channel_id="308" name="BBC Asian Network" fixname="BBC Asian Netwk" type="radio" />
<channel channel_id="414" name="Beacon Radio (Shropshire)" fixname="Beacon R S'shire" type="radio" />  


  • Channels are returned in intelligent alphabetical order. Radio stations ignore prefixes like 'BBC', 'Radio', and frequencies.
  • 'fixname' is a version of the name, editorialised to fit a maximum of 16 characters.


Arguments: channel_id (required) - identifier for channel to retrieve information on. You can request multiple channels with comma-separated channel ids.

Example request:

Example response:
<location id='1'>
<location id='2'>
<location id='3'>

You can edit this information within the Media UK directories.
Users will normally be expected to have Windows Media Player and/or Real Player installed.

Terms of use

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence. Media UK defines commercial use as use by a commercial company for profit (so use on a blog which contains Google AdSense is fine). Attribution must include the text "Media UK" and a hyperlink to www.mediauk.com.

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