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The most popular newspapers in the UK

A quick look into readership figures for the biggest newspapers in Britain.

We now list NRS readership numbers throughout our directory. Find a large newspaper or magazine and you'll also find the latest readership figures.

According to the National Readership Survey, these are the most-read newspapers in the UK.

This shows readership, and not sales, and these figures represent total adult readers of newspapers and supplements from January to December 2010.

National daily newspapers

1. The Sun (7,772,000 readers)
2. The Daily Mail (4,741,000)
3. The Daily Mirror (3,087,000)*
4. Metro (3,287,000)
5. The Daily Telegraph (1,680,000)
6. The Times (1,565,000)
7. Daily Star (1,571,000)
8. Daily Express (1,427,000)
9. The Guardian (1,103,000)
10. The Independent (532,000)

* The Daily Mirror has a Scottish edition, the Daily Record, which has a further 884,000 readers

Sunday newspapers

1. News of the World (7,537,000)
2. The Mail on Sunday (4,896,000)
3. Sunday Mirror (3,690,000)
4. The Sunday Times (2,952,000)
5. Sunday Express (1,466,000)
6. The Sunday Telegraph (1,442,000)
7. The People (1,273,000)
8. The Observer (1,030,000)
9. Sunday Mail (1,067,000)
10. Daily Star Sunday (919,000)

There's lots more information on newspaper and magazine readership on the NRS website.

Source: NRS Readership Estimates - Newspapers and Supplements
AIR - Latest 12 Months: January - December 2010


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the daily mirror is just awesome (coincidental)

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the best paper in world

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