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The most popular magazines in the UK

A quick look into readership figures for British magazines, to discover the UK's most read magazine.

According to the National Readership Survey, these are the most-read magazines in the UK. This shows readership, and not sales, and these figures represent the twelve months to June 2009.

Weekly magazines

1. What's On TV (3.4m)
2. Radio Times (2.6m)
3. TV Choice (1.7m)
4. TV Times (1.6m)
5. Auto Trader (1.2m)
6. TV Quick (1.0m)
7. Nuts (0.9m)
8. Zoo (0.7m)
9. The Big Issue (0.6m)
10. TV Easy (0.5m)

Monthly magazines

1. Sky Magazine (7.5m)
2. Sky Sports (3.0m)
3. Sky Movies (2.3m)
4. National Geographic (2.0m)
5. BBC Top Gear (1.9m)
6. Saga magazine (1.7m)
7. Reader's Digest (1.6m)
8. FHM (1.6m)
9. BBC Gardeners' World (1.4m)
10. Men's Health (1.1m)

There's lots more information on newspaper and magazine readership on the NRS website.


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