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Newspaper circulation figures

What are the circulation figures for the national daily and Sunday newspapers? We tell you how to find out...

National newspaper circulation figures are compiled by ABC - the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Last time we asked, the ABC politely declined to allow us to list headline circulation figures on this website. However, happily the figures are all published at The Guardian's media site, which we'd recommend you visit instead.

We do, however, list the latest readership figures for UK newspapers.

What's the difference between 'circulation' and 'readership'?

Circulation is how many physical newspapers are sold, or given away.

Readership is an estimate of how many people actually read the newspaper. Typically, you might find a few people read your newspaper - whether at home or in the office. This figure is closer, as a comparison, to TV or radio figures, which monitor people rather than "amount of radios turned on".


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Hrbangalore Hosadigantha posted

we need last year circulation details of kannada news papers

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