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Social media sign-up stats: how popular are each?
James Cridland | May 1, 2013
Over 21% of all signups by email are abandoned ... more

Were we right to lead our emails with Sophie Dalzell?
James Cridland | April 14, 2013
How did a story about a late-night television model make it to lead our daily emails? ... more

Our take on the EC Cookie Directive
Media UK | March 9, 2013
Why we don't have massive great pop-ups requesting your use of cookies ... more

How much traffic do we get from social media?
James Cridland | December 21, 2012
Media UK uses social media quite a lot: here's what's working and what isn't - Google+, we're looking at you ... more

Why we won't know Mozilla's Persona
James Cridland | October 19, 2012
We took a look at Mozilla Persona, and it's not the new identity for the web that we need really. ... more

Media UK - now LinkedIn to your, er, LinkedIn account
James Cridland | October 8, 2012
We've just added LinkedIn as a way to sign in. And it works. Which is nice. ... more

Changes to our email alerts
James Cridland | August 25, 2012
We've changed our email alerts to be more comprehensive and better. Here's how. ... more

Chrome the number one browser? Not so much.
James Cridland | May 22, 2012
Chrome is apparently now the number one browser. Except... ... more

24 hours in media returns next week
James Cridland | May 8, 2012
Back next week ... more

24 hours in media: Fri 4 May
James Cridland | May 4, 2012
Today, television censorship, Mike Dickin, World Press Freedom Day, and a great video from 1942. ... more

24 hours in media: Thu 3 May
James Cridland | May 3, 2012
A trial. Today - the BBC twitstorm. Can BBC people really not retweet or reply to people using Twitter? The answer's both yes and no. ... more

24 hours in media: Wed 2 May
James Cridland | May 2, 2012
A trial service. Today - Murdoch, Mensch, Minnesota, Meters and Martin. Marvellous. ... more

24 hours in media: Tue 1 May
James Cridland | May 1, 2012
A trial service. Vertigo, personalisation, Twitter, HD Radio and fake news. ... more

24 hours in the media: Mon 30 April
James Cridland | April 30, 2012
A trial service. Greg James, Mike Cass, the value of news, and 'ahhhhhhhhhhh'. ... more

24 hours in the media: Fri 27 April
James Cridland | April 27, 2012
A trial service. Today - a product, newspapers are dead, newspapers aren't dead and earning lots, and pictures of horses. ... more

24 hours in the media: Thu 26 April
James Cridland | April 26, 2012
A trial service. Today including the Olympics, a new book, and the end of text alerts ... more

24 hours in the media: Wed 25 April
James Cridland | April 25, 2012
A trial service. Today: London bias, Pandora bigger than KIIS, and a new strategy for Johnston Press. ... more

Coping with a DOS attack
James Cridland | April 9, 2012
We had a bizarre fault this morning. Here's what we learnt. ... more

Unpaid: a culture of talent exploitation
Guy Lambert | February 22, 2012
Guy Lambert says that, by advertising for unpaid work, some media companies are exploiting the hopes and dreams of aspiring presenters for the benefit of their shareholders. ... more

More tweaks, and our experiences with OAuth2 for Facebook and Google
James Cridland | February 2, 2012
A few changes to Media UK this week: and how our implementation of OAuth2 has been received. What are the gotchas you should be aware of? ... more

Come and talk media with Media UK
James Cridland | January 27, 2012
We're trying to make Media UK's discussion area the most constructive place to discuss media on the internet. Here's what we've done over the past few weeks. ... more

Radio Moments on Media UK
James Cridland | December 23, 2011
Fan of bits of history from the radio? We are too. ... more

Improvements to our discussions system
James Cridland | December 4, 2011
We've made some changes to our discussion area. Here's what we've done and why. ... more

The Radioplayer gets connected on Facebook
Media UK | August 31, 2011
There's a new way to listen to the UK Radioplayer - and it uses some data from Media UK. ... more

The original Media UK
James Cridland | August 28, 2011
What did the first version of Media UK look like? ... more

The Media UK Radio Pocketbook
James Cridland | August 17, 2011
An old friend is coming back to the UK radio industry, thanks to Media UK ... more

The audience figures for on-demand radio
James Cridland | August 5, 2011
RAJAR doesn't measure on-demand radio. But what would happen if it did? ... more

Speed on a budget - how Media UK hosts our website
James Cridland | August 4, 2011
How do we ensure that Media UK is fast and reliable? ... more

How do I find out the most played songs on radio stations?
Media UK | June 16, 2011
Media UK lets you discover songs played on radio stations across Great Britain. ... more

The best radio ads, the most dubious BBC complaint yet, and radio's skip button
James Cridland | June 10, 2011
Another two weeks has gone by, and another one of our weekly (?) features about decent things to go and read on the internet. Also in this update: racism, the c-word, and an iPad. ... more

Here's what's new
James Cridland | June 1, 2011
And here it is - Media UK v5. Here's what's new. ... more

Lying losses and limes
James Cridland | May 28, 2011
We look around the web for interesting things to read. This week, RAJAR, lying, losses and... limes. ... more

Twitter and trees plus the Sex Pistols
James Cridland | May 18, 2011
We look around the web for interesting things to read, in the return of our weekly feature. This week, the slowest news day ever, whether bloggers are journalists, and how radio uses Twitter ... more

Media UK v5 is coming
James Cridland | May 12, 2011
A new look Media UK? It's coming in the next two weeks... ... more

The UK Radio Player - the launch of a new era
James Cridland | March 31, 2011
It's brand new: it launches today, and we've the full links ... more

The UK Radio Player is coming...
James Cridland | March 6, 2011
What's the UK Radio Player? And why should Media UK care? ... more

Media UK v5 is coming
James Cridland | February 25, 2011
There's a new, shiny, Media UK round the corner. We tell you what to expect. ... more

New Year - new job
James Cridland | January 2, 2011
Is your new year's resolution to leave radio? ... more

Wikileaks, higher revenue and faffing around
James Cridland | December 10, 2010
We look around the rest of the internet for media news and comment that you might have missed. This week, we include the phrase "onanistic practices". ... more

Apple to get FM radio in iPhones? Not this way, please
James Cridland | December 7, 2010
Some true and false facts about the latest Apple radio rumours ... more

WINS 1010, Twitter on TV, and iPad magazines
James Cridland | November 29, 2010
The latest and greatest stories from across the web ... more

The death of digital
James Cridland | November 29, 2010
We've changed the way we list some radio stations' coverage areas for the better ... more

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