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Website credits

Media UK has a lot of people to thank for our success since 1993. Here are just some of those who have worked on the site since then.

Director and founder
James Cridland

Directory editors
Andrew Chatterton
Martin Deutsch
Paul Easton
Andrew Garner
Robbie Harrison
James Hatts
Jon Whittaker
Martin Phillp
Stuart Clarkson
Terry Wong Min
Vincent Lo
Ashley Elford

Software used
Server: Linux
Hosted on: Apache
Written in: PHP
Database server: mySQL
Directory system: homegrown - MUK v4
Text editor: Smultron
FTP program: Cyberduck

Hosting, DNS and email management
Amazon S3
Amazon CloudFront

Site design
John Martin and James Cridland
Original Media UK logo by Daniel Butler


Paul Annett

Significant others
Early believers: Carol Dukes, Roger Green and the Emap Internet team
Later believers: Simon Ryley, Bernie Flint, Kirit Saelensminde, Dave Cridland, and all at Felspar
And not forgetting: Olly Benson, Beth Hart, Chrissy Burns and our old forum guides


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