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Magazines: Editor directory

This is a list of all people doing a job like 'Editor' in our directory. You can add more by editing our directory - look for the 'edit' links throughout our website's media pages.

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Tom Perkins, Editor, Boys Toys
Paul Pettengale, Editor, TasteItalia
Christopher Phin, Editor, Tap!
Simon Pickstock, Editor, PC Answers
Ron Pidgeon, Editor, Packaging Magazine
Nev Pierce, Editor, Total Film
Nick Pigott, Editor, The Railway Magazine
Gabrielle Pike, Editorial Manager, The Radio Magazine
Mark Pilkington, Editor, Fortean Times
Graham Pitcher, Editor, New Electronics
Mike Pitts, Editor, British Archaeology
George Player, Editor, The Party Magazine
Ian Pollard, Editor, KiCK! magazine
Dominic Ponsford, Editor, Press Gazette
Cedric Porter, Editor, Farm Life
Rachael Porter, Editor, Cow Management
Justin Postlethwaite, Editor, French Magazine
Chris Power, Editor, CARVE
Ben Preston, Editor, Radio Times
David Price, Editor, Hi-Fi World
Phil Prime, Editor, Laboratory News
Francois Prins, Editor, Jaguar Heritage Archive
Emma Pryer, Editor, More
Janine Pulford, Editor, 4Dorset
Victoria Purcell, Editor, Reach
Gareth Purnell, Editor, Total Coarse Fishing
Ethel Purse, Editor, Love Travel
Alison Pyllkkanen, Editor, Zest
Chris Quick, Editor, Accountancy
Natalie Quinn, Editor, CJM (and others)
Phil Raby, Editor, Total MG (and others)
Sophie Radice, Editor, Editorial Intelligence (and others)
P Rajanayagam, Editor, Tamil Times
Oliver Ralph, Editor, Investors Chronicle
Ben Ramm, Editor, The Liberal
Robin Ramsay, Editor, Lobster
Hannah Rand, Editor, Pregnancy
Cathy Ranson, Editor, Sunshine Magazine
Mark Rappolt, Editor, ArtReview
Nik Rawlinson, Editor, MacUser
Jody Raynsford, Editor, Home Entertainment Week
Julian Read, Editor, Essex Life & Countryside
Sian Rees, Editor, Living & Gardens (and others)
Morgan Rees, Editor, Mens Health
David Rees, Editor, Convenience Store

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What's a Editor?

Media UK lists two bits of information on peoples' job titles - their actual job title, and an industry standard title (which for this page is Editor). This is to help people find other people who do roughly the same job role within the industry.