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This is a list of all people doing a job like 'Editor' in our directory. You can add more by editing our directory - look for the 'edit' links throughout our website's media pages.

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Ceri Thomas, Editor, BBC Easy Gardening
Victoria Thomas, Editor, Noir
Dr Gavin Thomas, Editor, Microbiology Today
Tim Thompson, Editor, Performance Bikes
Max Thompson, Editor, QS Supplies
Justine Thompson, Editor, Garden Answers
Bill Thomson, Editor, The Motorship
Paul Thorne, Editor, Book People
Averil Thornton, Editor, Down Your Way
David Tickner, Editor, Traditional Boats and Tall Ships (and others)
Cameron Timmis, Editor, In Brief
Ben Todd, Editor, Zoo
Ariane Todes, Editor, The Strad
Polly Tommey, Editor, The Autism File
Catriona Toms, Editor, Clean Slate
Dominic Tonner, Editor, Information Age
Emma Topping, Editor, Beacon Magazine
Colin Tough, Editor, What's On TV
Clare Turner, Editor, Housewares
Neil Tyler, Editor, Components in Electronics
Lee Tyler, Editor, Blues & Soul Magazine
Tommy Udo, Editor, Metal Hammer
Andrew Van de Burgt, Editor, Autosport
Martin Vander Weyer, Editor, Spectator Business
Nick Veitch, Editor, Linux Format
Helen Vintner, Editor, Organic Life
Martin Vousden, Editor, Swing
robin Vyrnwy-Price, Editor, Norfolk Roots
Paul Wagland, Editor, Pond & Gardening
Richard Waite, Editor, The Architects' Journal
Iain Wakefield, Editor, Ships Monthly
Liz Wakefield, Editor, Making Cards (and others)
Elliot Walker, Editor, Adventure Cornwall
Henrietta Wallace, Editor, Modern Hera
Scott Waller, Editor, iSkate
Jamie Wallis, Editor, Loaded
Rob Walters, Editor, Moto
Frank Ward, Editor, Parchment Craft
Matt Warren, Editor, The Lady
Monty Watkins, Editor, Mini World
Vicki Watson, Editor, Traditional Homes & Interiors
Stuart Watt, Editor, Supernanny
Andrew Watts, Editor, Farm Business
Anne Webb, Editor, Park Home & Holiday Caravan
Helen Webster, Editor, Go Mini (and others)
Laurence Weinberger, Editor, Swarovski
Gillian Welch, Editor, No. 1

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What's a Editor?

Media UK lists two bits of information on peoples' job titles - their actual job title, and an industry standard title (which for this page is Editor). This is to help people find other people who do roughly the same job role within the industry.