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Magazines: Editor directory

This is a list of all people doing a job like 'Editor' in our directory. You can add more by editing our directory - look for the 'edit' links throughout our website's media pages.

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Sarah Whelan, Editor, Period Living
Paul White, Editor, Sound on Sound (and others)
Jess White, Editor, Cat World
Victoria White, Editor, Company
Louise White, Editor, Hair
Terri White, Editor, ShortList
Kevin Whitlock, Editor, Lounge
Sarah Whittington, Editor, Horse + Pony
Andrea Wickstead, Editor, Cbeebies Weekly
Damian Wild, Editor, Accountancy Age
Michael Wild, Editor, Hornby Magazine
Lesley Wilkinson, Editor, Border Events
Mike Williams, Editor, Kruger Magazine
Sarah Williams, Editor, BBC Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine
Peter Williams, Editor, Information World Review
Mike Williams, Editor, NME
Marion Williamson, Editor, Prediction
Kevin Wilmot, Editor, Bird Watching
Glyn Wilmshurst, Editor, FQ
Keith Wilson, Editor, Outdoor Photography
Richard Wilson, Editor, Electronics Weekly
James Witts, Editor, 220 Triathlon
Claire Woffenden, Editor, Web User
Audrey Wong, Editor, Thomas & Friends
Keith Wood, Editor, Track and Race Cars
Ali Wood, Editor, Listed (and others)
Luke Wood, Editor, Performance Ford
Dave Woods, Editor, PokerPlayer
Guy Woodward, Editor, Decanter
Janine Wookey, Editor, The English Garden
Paul Wootton, Editor, Restaurant Magazine
Alison Worthington, Editor, Koi, Ponds & Gardens
William Wright, Editor, Financial News
Lynn Wright, Editor, Digital Arts
Joseph Wright, Editor, Carpology
Karen Wright, Editor, Modern Painters
Matt Wright, Editor, Practical Classics
William Write, Editor, Super Super
Matt Yeo, Editor, Toxic (and others)
Lucy Yeomans, Editor, Harper's Bazaar
Cathy Youd, Editor, Families North London
Jonathan Young, Editor, The Field
Nina Young, Editor, Entrée
Richard Young, Editor, Real FD
Mel Young, Editor, New Consumer
Tristan Young, Editor, BusinessCar
Malcolm Younger, Editor, Pictorial Post

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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What's a Editor?

Media UK lists two bits of information on peoples' job titles - their actual job title, and an industry standard title (which for this page is Editor). This is to help people find other people who do roughly the same job role within the industry.