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Magazines: Editor directory

This is a list of all people doing a job like 'Editor' in our directory. You can add more by editing our directory - look for the 'edit' links throughout our website's media pages.

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Deborah Barker, Editor, Homes & Gardens
Ian Barker, Editor, PC Tools
Graham Barlow, Editor, MacFormat
Chris Barnes, Editor, Rhythm
Joe Barnes, Editor, FHM
Tamsin Barratt, Editor, Practical Parenting
Jon Barrett, Editor, Electronics Sourcing
Claire Barrett, Editor, Grand Designs Magazine
Lucy Barrett, Editor, Marketing
Giles Barrie, Editor, Property Week
Kay Barron, Editor, Rag
Stefan Bartlett, Editor, RiDE
Julie Barton-Breck, Editor, Essentials
Sue Bartucca, Editor, Homes Worldwide
Hooman Bassirian, Editor, Computer Weekly
Dominic Baster, Editor, Briefing
Clare Beale, Editor, Campaign
Sara Bean, Editor, FMX Magazine
Debbie Beaton, Editor, Crops
Richard Beaumont, Editor, Kindred Spirit
Deborah Bee, Editor, HN
James Beechnor-Collins, Editor, T3
Marc Beishon, Editor, Salesforce
Kirsten Beith, Editor, Tramp
Jaki Bell, Editor, Horse
Phil Bell, Editor, Classic Cars
Douglas Bell, Editor, Fat Controller
Jeremy Bennett, Editor, Automotive Management
Sarah Benstead, Editor, Beacon Magazine
Andy Betts, Editor, Smartphone Essentials
Scott Bicheno, Editor, PC Retail
Sean Bidder, Editor, Fact
Peter Bill, columnist, Estates Gazette
Alison Binns, Editor, Cross Stitcher
James Binns, Editor, NGamer Uk
Matt Bishop, Editor, F1 Racing
Claire Black, Editor, The Big Issue in Scotland
Phil Black, Editor, Process Industry Informer
Janet Blair, Editor, Living North
Kevin Blick, Editor, Canal Boat & Inland Waterways
Annida Boiling, Editor, What's Happening? Magazine
Susie Boon, Editor, Practical Parenting
Robert Booth, Editor, BD - Building Design
Roger Borrell, Editor, Lancashire Life (and others)
Bill Borrows, Editor, Time Out Manchester
Steve Bough, Editor, Wavelength
Clare Bourke, Editor, Hertfordshire Life
Tim Bowern, Editor, Hi-Fi Choice
Jonathan Bowman, Editor, TV & Satellite Week

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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What's a Editor?

Media UK lists two bits of information on peoples' job titles - their actual job title, and an industry standard title (which for this page is Editor). This is to help people find other people who do roughly the same job role within the industry.