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The Guardian: readership figures

The Guardian readership estimates for survey ending March 2013

It was read by 1,027,000 adults.
%age reach:
It was read by 2.0% of the adult population.
We list readership figures, not sales
Media UK lists readership figures from NRS and not sales or circulation figures. This allows you to compare different media by the number of people they reach. Visit the NRS website for more information.

NRS started reporting 15-34/35+ in September 2012; different age groups were used in periods before.

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Data sources

Source: National Readership Survey. Reproduced with permission.
Credits: NRS. Full datasets used: Mar 2010: The Guardian; Jun 2010: The Guardian; Sep 2010: The Guardian; Dec 2010: The Guardian; Mar 2011: The Guardian; Jun 2011: The Guardian; Sep 2011: The Guardian; Dec 2011: The Guardian; Mar 2012: The Guardian; Jun 2012: The Guardian; Sep 2012: The Guardian; Dec 2012: The Guardian; Mar 2013: The Guardian;