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Newspaper articles

Newspapers in the UK: An introduction
How many national newspapers? To a typical American, we're unusual in having more than just a few national newspapers. To a Frenchman, they can't understand why we don't have a national evening paper, like Le Monde. Read on for more information...
How to get into music journalism
Want to get into music journalism? Andy Parker, the editor of national music website Electric Banana, has some tips for one of - seemingly - the most glamorous jobs in the industry.
How to handle a journalist: anti FAQ
If you want to send press releases out or talk to a journalist, make sure you don't follow any of these rules.
Newspaper archives to be found online
Archives are available on many newspaper websites. Here's a list - contact us if we should be pointing to more.
Newspaper circulation figures
What are the circulation figures for the national daily and Sunday newspapers? We tell you how to find out...
Newspaper sizes: it's size that matters
UK newspapers went through a size revolution in the early 2000s; with great results.
Page three girls
What is the page 3 girl, how can you become one - and what effect did it have on The Sun's circulation?
The Fleet Street revolution
The massive changes to the newspaper industry in the 1980s
The future of newspapers?
What is the future of newspapers? Where now for the publishing industry?
The mass-market tabloids
An introduction to the politics and character of the mass-market tabloids in the UK
The mid-market tabloids
An introduction to the mid-market tabloid newspapers in the UK
The most popular newspapers in the UK
A quick look into readership figures for the biggest newspapers in Britain.
The quality newspapers
What are the quality newspapers in the UK?
The rise of the free newspaper
Why are more newspapers being made available for free? And what does this mean for the industry?
Websites and iPads - which way now for newspapers?
Some newspapers are closing their websites to everyone but paying customers; and then, there's tablets, Kindles, and more. What's the future for newspaper websites?
What are the most popular newspapers in the world?
What are the most popular newspapers in the world? Is it really true that the UK hosts one of them?
Where to buy old editions of newspapers
Whether it's a birthday present or for a piece of research, you might want to discover a vintage copy or a back issue of a newspaper. Here's how.
A new idea for The Sun's Page 3
Menzies Distribution won't be able to keep up with the demand for copies of The Sun when you put this plan into action
Download a free Social Media handbook for journalists
A free 87-page PDF from Sveriges Radio
Is the new Pope a misogynist?
What does a quote from 2007 say about the Pope's attitudes towards women - or is all as it seems?
Leveson: Am I missing something?
If anyone can tell me why the Leveson report is anything other than reasonable, common sense, please let me know
Prince Harry's pictures and the UK newspapers: the dangers of Let's Pretend
With the publishing, or not, of the Prince Harry photographs, newspapers decided to play a hypocritical game of 'let's pretend', says Richard Horsman
The real problem with Twitter blocking a journalist's account
Guy Adams, a journalist for The Independent, was removed (and later reinstated) from the Twitter service. But there's a larger problem.
Why Twitter's hacking problem could kill it
Today's hack of the AP account shows Twitter desperately needs better security for the sake of its future
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