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British Baker magazine launches new digital hub

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posted on Monday 17th September 2012 at 13:25

British Baker has launched a new training, business intelligence and creative network for professional cake makers. is a global extension of British Baker’s successful National Cupcake Week initiative which launched in the UK five years ago to support and showcase hundreds of British artisan bakers, coffee and tea shops and in-store bakeries.

British Baker plans to scale Cake-Wire internationally by extending its reach into EMEA, the Americas and Asia where there is a demand for online learning and training, business intelligence and product knowledge.

Sonia Young, publisher and event director at William Reed Business Publishing, which owns British Baker, said: “A highly active niche community has built up around National Cupcake Week which is keen for advice, support and product knowledge to help build their businesses.

“Our aim is to meet the needs of these businesses and international professional cake makers who look towards the UK for the necessary learning, information and business advice. Training will be key, with video-based masterclasses and an online training portal offered in conjunction with The Bakery School.”

Cake Wire will share knowledge, recipe inspiration, latest trends and techniques, problem solving and new product advice, starting with the UK and Europe but extending reach to new global markets.

Content will be produced by journalists experienced in bakery and professionals drawn from the cake and bakery sector. The network will combine information on areas such as health legislation, tax law and marketing with a Cake Doctor trouble-shooting column, insider knowledge, new recipes, calendars and international cake trends which often translate across different markets.

“The number of new cake making enterprises starting in the home and moving to establish professional businesses is huge,” says Sonia Young. “Many progress from a home-based set-up to farmers’ and street food markets, pop up shops in garden centres, shopping malls and hotel foyers to cafes and eventually the High Street.” Cake Wire will launch on October 1, hot on the heels of National Cupcake Week, which takes place from September 17 to 23 2012.

To sign up go to and fill in your details using the pop-up box on the home page.

In the UK, cupcake sales remain robust, with the nation eating £23.5 million worth last year. Newly released figures by the grocery analyst SymphonyIRI reveal the value of sales increased by 3.9% in the 12 months to June 9 2012, up from £22.6m the previous year.

That’s 11.03 million cupcakes sold from grocery outlets – including the big four supermarkets of Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. These figures do not include the craft baker sector or the burgeoning market of home professional bakers.

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