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Obama regains his footing in feisty second debate

From Reuters - posted

President Barack Obama put his re-election bid back on firm footing on Tuesday night with a strong debate performance that is likely to thrill his Democratic supporters and earn him a second look from the few voters who remain undecided....

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Media Monkey's Diary: BBC, Tony Gallagher, Ipso and Zai Bennett
From The Guardian. Posted 20 Apr 2014, 18:06
Much mirth among BBC staff, Monkey hears, at the appointment of new head of HR Valerie Hughes-D'Aeth who is taking up the role following the departure of "Lipgloss" Lucy Adams. The BBC press release says Hughes-D'Aeth (who joins from servic... (more)
Pulitzer reward for treacherous action
From The Australian. Posted 20 Apr 2014, 15:00
AWARDING the Pulitzer Prize to The Washington Post and The Guardian for serving as mouthpieces for Edward Snowden is disgraceful. (more)
Government to introduce law requiring porn sites to obtain proof that users are over 18
From The Drum. Posted 20 Apr 2014, 10:19
The Government plans to make anyone aiming to view porn online prove that they are over 18 years of age through new requirements for website owners. The new laws will see adult website owners forced to block anyone unable to provide proof that they ... (more)
Times editorial criticises political bloggers after MP accuses them of being 'aggressive' towards women
From Press Gazette. Posted 20 Apr 2014, 10:04
A Times editorial has criticised political blogs, ... [excerpt limited at publisher’s request] (more)
Former BBC journalist claims black members of staff not being respected in column for The Sunday Times
From The Drum. Posted 20 Apr 2014, 10:03
Veteran BBC journalist Kurt Barling, who was made redundant by the organisation after almost 25-years, has claimed that it “doesn’t respect” its black members of staff. Writing in The Sunday Times, Barling, who left the BBC last week, claimed ... (more)
Mail v Telegraph: knives are out as Tony Gallagher returns to news
From The Guardian. Posted 20 Apr 2014, 00:05
The former Telegraph editor's brief sojourn as a chef is over and now a dwindling Fleet Street rivalry is rekindledYou didn't really suppose that Tony Gallagher, suddenly finding himself the latest ex-editor of the Daily Telegraph, was going to make ... (more)
Russell Brand wins libel payout from The Sun on Sunday and pledges Hillsborough campaign donation
From Press Gazette. Posted 19 Apr 2014, 09:46
Russell Brand has won libel damages from The Sun a... [excerpt limited at publisher’s request] (more)
Financial Times decision to shun Ipso for internal press regulation 'disappointing' - John McLellan
From The Drum. Posted 17 Apr 2014, 16:32
The Financial Times has stepped outside of the ongoing press regulation battle between the UK government and Ipso and announced plans to set up its own internal system to deal with future problems. The announcement was made by editor Lionel Barber on... (more)
Lennox Herald appoints editor
From FeaturesExec Media Bulletin. Posted 17 Apr 2014, 16:26
The Lennox Herald has appointed Martin Laing as editor. The appointment follows the departure of former editor Amanda Graham in March. Laing previously worked as editor of the Johnston Press titles Galloway Gazette and Carrick Gazette, who are yet ... (more)
Newspaper website ABCs round-up: Telegraph returns to stronger growth despite metered paywall
From Press Gazette. Posted 17 Apr 2014, 15:47
Mail Online remained by far the most popular UK ne... [excerpt limited at publisher’s request] (more)

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