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Radio articles

Vodafone Big Top 40 to include streaming, social media
After five years, the Vodafone Big Top 40 is to include social media, YouTube and streaming in its chart
An introduction to radio in the UK
Here's what you should know about the UK radio marketplace
How do radio listener figures work?
Radio listener figures are produced by a company called RAJAR. But who is RAJAR? What does it stand for? And how do they work out the figures?
How many radio stations do we listen to?
How many different radio stations do we listen to - on our radio sets or in our life?
UK radio station listening figures
Media UK lists the official UK radio listening figures from RAJAR. Here's where to find them
Coping with early morning shifts and disrupted sleep
Many of Media UK's members need to get up early and sound awake and alive when the rest of us are still fast asleep. Here's how they cope.
How to get a job in radio
Media UK's a great place to look for radio jobs. But how can you make sure that you get the right job for you?
How to send a radio demo tape
Getting a good demo tape is the best way of getting a new job in radio. But - what to put on it... and how to present it?
I need a manager!
But do you? Media UK forum members give their advice...
Is there career life after radio?
Is it time to jump? Media UK hears from those that have left radio behind...
So, you want to be a voiceover...
How do you get started in voice overs? Do you know who they are and what they do? Why do you want to become one? Here are some hints and tips.
What to put in your demo showreel
Rod Lucas spills the beans about what to put into your radio showreel or demo tape.
Why get into DJ radio presenting: and how to make a career of it
Rod Lucas, founder of The Radio School (UK) with over 35 years professional radio experience in BBC & Commercial radio, writes about why video hasn't killed the radio star and the need for more radio ga ga.
Car insurance for radio presenters
How do you get the best car insurance deals even if you work in the entertainment business? Users of the discussions area say what works for them...
First tracks played on radio stations
The first track played has special significance for many radio stations. Here are just some of them.
Giving Radio Creativity a Better Airing
Why are so many radio ads so poor - and so few really stunning? Mike Bersin offers a few hints for creatives - and their clients.
How do radio stations work? Who pays whom?
Do the radio stations have to pay the artists to play their songs? Do artists pay the radio stations to play their songs? Is the only source of revenue advertising?
How to get played on the radio
There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of radio presenters who are just waiting to play your music. So where do you start? How do you find them? Emma Scott tells us.
How to report pirate radio interference
Pirate radio offers additional choice: but often interferes with fully licensed radio broadcasters on FM. Here's how to tell the authorities.
How to write and buy great radio advertising
Formerly an award-winning radio commercial copywriter, James Cridland shares how to write and plan radio effectively.
Important dates for UK radio broadcasting
A timeline to some of the biggest events in UK radio history
Last tracks played on radio stations
An upbeat to the area, as your station closes? Or a slightly hidden message of irritation? You decide - with these last tracks played on radio stations as they closed down...
LBC's first day
Ken Guy, the first news reader on commercial radio in the UK, tells us what it was like...
Licences for an internet radio station
Pirate radio's all very well: but if you want to broadcast legally on the internet, you'll need the right licences.
The history and development of radio in the UK
How did radio in the UK grow into the medium it is today?
The most popular radio stations in Italy
What are the most popular radio stations in Italy? Rome and Milan produce some of the most exciting-sounding radio stations around. We take a look.
The most popular radio stations in London
Who are the listeners of Britain's capital city listening to?
The most popular radio stations in the UK
We delve into the RAJAR listening figures to give the biggest British radio stations and brands.
What makes great breakfast radio?
The secrets of enjoyable radio to wake up to, according to the BBC.
What radio platform is best?
With the advent of digital satellite, digital terrestrial television, cable, the internet, DAB Digital Radio, and the continuing FM and AM transmissions, getting a great choice of radio is easier than ever before. But which is best for you?
Why are "anoraks" called anoraks?
If you know slightly too much about radio to be healthy, you're officially an "anorak". But why? Christopher England takes up the story...
You know you're a radio geek when...
Neal Bowden started a conversation on the Media UK Community Forums called "You know you're a radio geek when..." - how many are you guilty of?
Arabian Radio Network Renews talkSPORT Partnership
Dubai Eye 103.8 to continue broadcasting talkSPORT's football coverage
DAB service-following test routes now live
Continued work on the DAB platform in the UK
Mike Gordon and Will Harding promoted at Global Radio
Two board members see promotion at the UK's largest commercial radio broadcaster
New Media Podcast tries crowd-funding
The ex-producer of Media Talk is trying to raise money to run an independent media podcast
Paul Robinson leaves the Radio Academy
The CEO had been in post for ten months
Websites and apps overtake radio as a news source
Commercial radio flags in comparison to the BBC as a news source
10 lessons learnt from radio in West Africa and Yemen
Jonathan Marks watches a presentation from software company Sourcefabric: and learns lots for the future
A gentle mauling from You and Yours
Winifred Robinson not a fan of DAB
A new dawn for radio in Myanmar
I discover that radio in Burma is changing faster than ever
A Pow Wow with the Big Chief
RTBF shows that an away-day can be fun and interesting
Absolute Radio: how their new playlist choice at breakfast works
Exclusive: how do they play different songs on different stations in a live breakfast show?
AM radio beats a smartphone any day
It turns out that smartphones aren't a good bet for the future of radio transmission; and there are particular benefits to AM radio.
Angela Bond - an appreciation
An old friend and long-time mentor, Angela Bond, died last week. She changed radio.
Another Sony Radio Academy Award night...
As another Sony Radio Academy Awards takes place tonight, David Lloyd looks back
Another thing Spotify can't do: the weather
Another spell of bad weather in the UK highlights what radio can do - and what services like Spotify and Pandora can't
Apple's new streaming radio service - why it won't reach the UK
Apple are apparently launching a Pandora competitor, but the price of music makes it impossible for it to launch in the UK.
Are you a radio station that promotes Facebook in your own promos? Stop it.
If you are promoting Facebook over and above your own website, what on earth are you thinking?
At last: an in-car DAB radio that looks quite good
It turns out that I need to buy a Peugeot
Australian radio shows the benefits of working together
A morning of outside broadcasts for radio stations in Australia promotes the third birthday of DAB+ in the country
Bauer: the one to watch for UK radio innovation
Radio has a new innovation leader in the UK: one that could really go places
BBC Radio Explorer: a new way to listen to radio
A prototype for discovering great radio that shows real potential
Book review: Johnny Beerling - Radio 1 the inside scene
A review of Johnny Beerling's autobiography of his time at the BBC and BBC Radio 1.
Book review: Tony Hertz - The 7 secrets of creative radio advertising
A refreshing book, oozing enthusiasm about radio creative
Boston marathon: radio's future isn't just smartphone-shaped
If radio's future is only smartphones, we won't be serving our communities
Brain-dead radio presenters and the danger of Twitter
Blindly repeating twitter messages could land presenters in serious legal trouble
Breakfast radio: the most important media of the day?
How can radio better serve its audiences in the morning - in an increasingly competitive and fragmented media landscape? What's radio getting wrong?
Broadcast radio accounts for two-thirds of all audio listening in US
New US figures from Edison Research shows radio is in good shape against other audio
Broadcasting over the internet - uncool and ungreen?
What happens if you stop traditional terrestrial broadcasting and start distributing everything over the internet?
Broadcasting: seven times greener than streaming
The future of radio is streaming on your mobile phone? Tell your battery that.
DAB - the debate for smaller stations
There's been an obvious split between the owners of small-scale licences and the big boys
DAB - what needs to happen next
Good news yesterday: but what do we need to do to move radio forward?
DAB radio in-car reaches new high
DAB radio is in more new cars than ever before - a surprising number, in fact
Dear car companies
Michael Hill writes an open letter to the car companies asking where the radio is in their fancy new cars.
Ding Dong - the media's in a tizz about Thatcher song
Why Radio 1's decision is the right one - and why this is a storm in a BBC tea-cup
Does radio have something to fear from the connected dash?
I take a trip in a car with nothing more fancy than Bluetooth - and am worried about what I discover
Don't be a girl DJ!
Girls just don't have the gift of the gab so necessary for the job, says a girl DJ - in the sixties.
DSNHits - is internet the future of radio?
Radio should upgrade itself as a platform above social media rather than being subservient to it
FM radio in an extension lead
Radio's in everything. Even extension leads.
Ghetto Radio - showing radio's place in African community
Commercial, and community, radio is alive and well in Kenya: indeed, potentially even more alive than here in the UK.
Grow your radio brand with digital brand extensions
JACKfm 2 goes on-air in the UK - and it sounds great
GTFM - a community radio success story
A new survey shows that Pontypridd's community radio station is the most popular: and they've got here by being old-fashioned
How much does it cost to run an internet radio station?
How much do you need to budget for - and, what do you need to bear in mind?
How much radio listening is on-demand in the UK?
We look into the figures for the BBC and UK radio as a whole to discover exactly how much of their radio listening is to catch-up, listen-again, or podcasts.
How not to digitally relaunch a radio station
The launch of new Dublin station TXFM is a lesson to us all
How the BBC covered D-Day in 1944: links of interest for week ending 8 June 2014
39 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
How the industry could be promoting digital radio
Another year, another digital radio promotion on the TV, on radio, online. But how could we promote digital radio even better?
Hybrid radio: what your radio station needs to know
RadioDNS Hybrid Radio is now pre-installed in Samsung phones: here is how to configure it for your station
Ignore the news; and a write-up of #Hivio. Links for week ending 29 June 2014
26 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
In Israel - the FM+ Conference on receiving the future
The Israeli radio market has three main players - and, I discover, a lot of passion
Is music becoming more niche?
Does the success of 6Music, TripleJ and other less-mainstream stations mean the end for top 40?
Is the new Myspace a radio replacement?
It turns out that the New Myspace is, whisper it, actually quite good - but is it a replacement to radio?
Is your radio career worth £99?
In today’s job market, it’s not just your employer’s role to invest in you
Karnaval - a company to watch
The number one tech startup in Turkey is a radio station
Kerrang to come off-air - here's why
Sad news - another local radio service exits the Midlands - great music research for radio from the web
It's never been easier to get free research on music from the web - and really get to know how people consume it. Here's how...
Links of interest for week ending 1 June 2014
28 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 11 May 2014
31 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 13 April 2014
12 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 16 March 2014
30 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 18 May 2014
36 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 20 April 2014
28 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 22 June 2014
28 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 23 March 2014
28 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 25 May 2014
22 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 27 April 2014
31 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 30 March 2014
15 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 4 May 2014
35 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 6 April 2014
20 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Links of interest for week ending 6 July 2014
15 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
London radio listeners, hour by hour
Absolute Radio's Content Director, Tony Moorey, takes apart the recent RAJAR results to discover some surprising truths
London's New Year's Eve Fireworks 2013 - The Story Behind The Soundtrack
How Bounce put together the soundtrack for the 2013 fireworks, and what you can learn to help make great radio, too.
Long term review: Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio
An internet radio with a novel tilt user interface
More diversity is urgently needed in newsrooms
They're white, middle class and they all look and the same: not politicians - newsrooms.
More music, less talk?
Apple are calling their new service 'radio' because it'll be the same as what radio has become, only better.
Music streaming won't kill the radio star
Did The Buggles get it a little wrong?
My experience handling breaking news of a potential terrorist incident
Wondered what it's like to be on-air when the news breaks?
New Apple patent could kill commercial radio
A new patent, posted by Apple, has the capacity to kill the commercial radio industry by replacing the ads.
New innovation categories in The Radio Academy Awards
Now you can enter websites, apps and more
News on commercial radio - what's the point?
There are only two reasons to provide news on British commercial radio - because owners have to, or because they want to.
Next Radio Conference 2014
The radio ideas conference returns to London this September: here's how to buy tickets
NextRadio - a good FM radio app
A hybrid radio app that makes FM sexy again
No more Programme Directors at one US radio company: what's your job title?
One American radio company says there are no such things as programme directors - renaming the title to more accurately reflect the job's roles and responsibilities. Fred Jacobs argues that this change is welcome: but comes with responsibilities.
Not invented here?
Why does the UK radio industry shut out learnings from other countries?
Over half of You and Yours listeners use DAB
In spite of the programme's negative bias against the technology, the majority of listeners use it
Pandora is not radio
We have let Pandora attempt to redefine radio as a passionless, humanless, music jukebox: why?
Personalised radio - almost here?
Apple's new podcast app update shows that personalised radio is getting closer
Pirate radio - its legacy
What did pirate radio give us anyway - and how long will it survive?
Prank calls: not big, not clever, not funny
The 2Day FM incident will make life more difficult for every radio journalist in the UK.
Prank calls: the angry mob
We must not let our industry be suffocated further by the demands of the mob, whipped up by a few self-righteous figures.
Radio - will digital switchover ever happen?
TV switchover, from analogue to digital, is now complete. What's taking radio so long to achieve the same thing?
Radio 1 switches off the DJs
If you want non-stop music, then you can get a great choice from Spotify, Google Play, Rdio, or even YouTube's playlists.
Radio in car: 1. The connected future
A content war is coming to the dashboard of the car - and broadcasters need to adapt
Radio in car: 2. Apps and geo-location
Radio apps have an unfair advantage over every other app in-car: geo-location.
Radio in car: 3. The monetisation opportunity
Right now, nobody is reinventing radio: but in-car can seriously change the way radio earns its money.
Radio in car: the future is DAB together with the internet
Free, expanded robust coverage and great station choice - the future of in-car radio will be a combination of digital broadcast working alongside the internet
Radio in the classroom
The most persuasive argument for engaging children in radio is surely that it can help lead to a better quality of life
Radio must work together on its future
If radio doesn't do it, then the likes of Spotify, Apple, Pandora, Google, Microsoft and any number of other groups are likely to do it anyway.
Radio on the connected car dashboard - more open and more about radio
At least in Ford cars, internet radio takes a leap forward
Radio programmes about the future of radio
The future - and present - of radio makes it to the radio airwaves this Christmas and New Year
Radio station bosses teach listeners to hate radio DJs
The Jack FM non-stop format is the latest in a plot to make radio listeners despise the radio DJ; but the essential hook for music radio is the presenter. So why do they do it?
Radio stations and the mobile web
The most mobile of media is, on the web, anything but
Radio's biggest threat?
Is the biggest threat for radio something other than a music streaming service?
Radio's Brave New World
A speech I gave at the opening of the Radiodays Johannesburg conference
Radio's future in-car: from a Tel Aviv taxi driver
Did I unwittingly see the future of in-car entertainment from the back seat of an Israeli taxi?
Radio's rule book
The 25 rules to live your radio career by
Radio's success is in the user interface
When people point out radio's competitors, they forget the most important thing
Radioplayer on a radio - a user experience triumph
The concept radio that makes an iPhone experience out of hybrid radio, powered by RadioDNS
RAJAR - radio's new listening figures, with graphs back to 1999
Media UK contains audience figures from across the UK's radio industry - in an easy-to-understand format.
RAJAR - the hidden delights in radio research
A Radio Academy discussion last night about RAJAR, the radio research figures, threw up some surprising information
RAJAR Q2/2012 - Britain's getting bigger, but is radio shrinking?
Radio continues to change: and the new radio listening figures make this ever more clear...
RAJAR Q3/2012 - the digital revolution begins
RAJAR this time around is a tale of two halves - overall radio is down, but digital, on whatever platform, is up. What can radio learn from this?
RAJAR Q3/2012 - will your station be the next XFM?
Some of radio's larger changes are being highlighted in the latest RAJAR radio audience figures, out today: including 6music's success over its rival XFM
RAJAR Q4 2013 - good news, bad news, and winds of change
The big stories this time around with the radio industry's latest audience figures
Real Radio - really caring about their people
Why Real Radio's Boot Camp is a great idea - and an alternative if you want to further your career
Review - Team: It's Only Radio, by John Myers
It’s one of those books you are devastated to finish. You want it to go on and on.
Review: BBC iPlayer Radio for Android
It's been a while coming - but is the iPlayer Radio app for Android any good?
Review: BBC iPlayer Radio websites and smartphone apps
The BBC launches new audio-centric radio websites and a new radio smartphone app: comprehensive and feature-rich, it's the app we've been waiting for (for rather too long)
Review: BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, in vision
Visualised for the first time today - BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat programme: but what does radio news look like on the telly?
Review: Pinell Go portable DAB+/FM radio
This new premium portable radio has brilliant design
Review: the new UK Radioplayer mobile app
The app's an impressive start for Radioplayer's foray into the mobile world - and offers the most comprehensive way to discover new radio
Should radio be worried about Apple iTunes Radio?
Will it be disruptive to radio? Or will it spell radio's death-knell?
Songl - Australia showing the UK the way?
Future-proofing your music radio business means investing in new ones for Southern Cross Austereo - but why not here?
Speech is the most important part of radio. When will the industry realise?
The axing of LBC 97.3 from DAB transmitters in parts of England, and Danny Baker's unceremonious dumping by the BBC, shows the radio industry is sleepwalking into irrelevance
Speech radio: less music, more talk
Instead of asking why commercial talk radio isn’t happening in the UK, we should be trying to work out why a country that consistently produces some of the finest speech based programming in the world isn’t turning that into money
Speech radio: meet the challenge, and give me a reason to listen
It remains to be seen if commercial radio can rise to the challenge of speech. If someone accepts that challenge, potentially millions of listeners will be over the moon.
Speech radio: there's never been more to talk about
Let's build a popular, viable, engaging radio entity. Where captivating content is disappearing, let's replace it.
Speech radio: what, no talk?
Why is there no real talking radio, especially from the commercial sector?
Spotify for sale, Alex Lester's removal: links for week ending 15 June 2014
27 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland
Student questions on the future of radio
Could radio lose its own identity? It's up to us, I argue
Tadah! Here's how to make your radio station sound better
Why do radio programmers ignore one of the easiest ways to improve their station?
Taking libel action in 2014 - easier or harder?
Do changes in the law mean it'll be easier or harder to sue for libel or defamation?
TFM: who could be next?
TFM is sharing all programming with Metro FM - but who else is allowed to do that?
The BBC iPlayer app: treating radio as second-best
The BBC iPlayer's new download service, on Apple products, doesn't include radio programmes, in spite of them already being available
The BBC Perceptive Radio
Are there opportunities commercially?
The BBC Radio-4-Matic - hacking radio for good
An amazingly clever way to get some sanity back to this Seattle radio listener's life.
The biggest single mistake that advertisers make
If you're advertising your business on the radio, in press, online or on TV, avoid this fundamental mistake.
The end of impartiality rules for broadcasters?
It seems the idea is being taken up by the most unlikely champions for change
The future of radio - RadioDNS Hybrid Radio to be at IBC
RadioDNS Hybrid Radio - the marriage between broadcast radio and the internet - makes radio better: and it's growing
The importance of the radio brand
What is your new year branding resolution?
The Swell personalised radio player is just swell
At last - personalised speech radio arrives to the iPhone and to your commute.
The top 5 best examples of interactive radio
Who is doing the cleverest, most innovative things with interactive radio? We pick five best-of-breed stations and programmes.
The UK Radioplayer - much to be proud about
The UK is leading the world with the Radioplayer - here's why
The UK Radioplayer tablet app
On Android or iOS, you should install this now if you love UK radio
They've stolen our brand: will we close down Apple iRadio?
Jukebox services that call themselves 'radio' denigrate what radio is all about: so why is the radio industry sitting on its hands and doing nothing?
Tim Davie - Radioplayer, 4Extra, and two aborted closures
As BBC Audio and Music Director Tim Davie prepares to leave the department to become CEO of BBC Worldwide, we look back at what he achieved during his time in charge of BBC Radio.
Top 5 radio apps for Android
Whether Santa brought you a Nexus 7, a Galaxy Note or even a Kindle Fire, here's a great way of turning your £200 tablet into a £5 wireless with the best radio apps.
Top 5 things that every CEO in radio should be doing
Smash that BlackBerry into bits - and other things to help reinvent your business
US West Coast radio people - can I come and visit?
I want to escape Las Vegas for a few days, and see great examples of new radio
We need more personality on radio, not less
Radio should be reclaimed for the listeners - and should be more original, more innovative, and have more personality
What Indonesia's media consumption means to all of us
We can learn lots from the land of the smiling people
What is the point of a radio anorak?
They are completely out of touch with modern audience needs and radio trends
While old regional media shuffle the deckchairs, is there an opportunity for new regional media?
Is it time to re-think regional media? Judging by the latest radio and circulation figures, that might just be a very good idea.
Who is grasping the opportunity with social media?
Do Twitter, Facebook and other social networks represent an opportunity, or a lack of focus, for the UK media industry?
Why I chose Rdio over Spotify
I used to use Spotify, the UK's oldest all-you-can-eat music service; but now I've discovered Rdio, I'm not going back
Why KISSFresh can't be too successful
KISSFresh is an interesting departure for Bauer - but let's hope nobody listens to it
Why radio visualisation is rubbish - and why we need it
Examples of radio visualisation from across the world show the benefits, and pitfalls, of adding pictures to live radio
Why radio will fail
A music professional tries to tell a radio conference why radio will fail. And, at least partially, succeeds.
Why remaining on FM is more expensive than building DAB+ from scratch
Building a brand new DAB+ transmission network to replace FM actually saves broadcasters money, says Gunnar Garfors.
Why the internet won't replace radio broadcasting any time soon, reason number 85
As one mobile phone company admits it has problems coping with the amount of mobile data we use, the benefits of broadcast are ever clearer
Why the words we use make a difference
When listeners get in touch with you, they use the same language to you as they would to a friend - so we should too
Why voicetracking is good for the radio industry
Is voicetracking really a disaster for radio? I don't think so.
World Radio Day in Finland - a love letter to radio
The celebration of a day dedicated to radio might not be big in the UK, but in Finland...
YouView - radio's great opportunity
YouView is an excellent way to sample radio's content - see how, in pictures
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