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Assistant Urdu Producer, Radio Dawn

This job is located in Nottingham (map)

Organisation Radio Dawn 107.6 FM
Location: Hyson Green, Nottingham
Hours: 37.5 per week
Salary: £18–22000per annum(negotiatable)
Employer: Karimia Institute
Job Type: Permanent
Holidays: 23days holiday per year plus bank holidays.


Karimia Institute Nottingham required an Assistant Urdu Producer for its Community Radio Dawn 107.6 FM. Education required for this post at least BA or equalant. Must be detail oriented with excellent written and verbal communication skills in Urdu and Punjabi languages. Must be computer literate i.e. Urdu composing and audio editing. Practical experience with basic sound recording and editing technology. Individual must have at least 3 years experience as Urdu Journalist. Further experience in Journalism and Radio Production will be given preference. We need a Very creative and innovative person who is able to solve problems quickly and effectively. Able to research subjects, record interviews, edit sound clips, write Urdu and Punjabi news and current affairs scripts.

To apply:
This job's closed, so you can no longer apply for this position.

Closed on: Thursday 21 February
This vacancy for a Assistant Urdu Producer was posted by a user at on Thursday 24 January 2008
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