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Radio: Sales Director directory

This is a list of all people doing a job like 'Sales Director' in our directory. You can add more by editing our directory - look for the 'edit' links throughout our website's media pages.

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Heather Da vanzo, Sales Director, Heartland FM
John Darin, Sales Director, Heart
Paul Davidson, Presenter, Radio Tyneside
Nicola Davies, Sales Manager, Real Radio
Jonathan Davies, Presenter, Radio Hafren
Steve Davies, IT Support/Engineer, Halton Community Radio 92.3FM
Nick Derbyshire, Sales Manager, KCFM
Jimmy Docherty, Sales Director, 100-101 Real Radio (and others)
Simon Doe, head of music at the bridge, Big City Radio
Greg Dukeson, Sales Director, Phoenix FM
Christine Dunn, Sales Director, Nation Radio
Margaret Dunn, Commercial Director, Clyde 1 (and others)
Alex Dunn, Weekend Presenter, 106.9FM WHCR
Karan Dyball, Sales Director, Sovereign FM
Patrick Edison, Head of Sales, Radio Caroline
Zoe Elie, Sales Director, MKFM
Daniel Ellison-Bates, Sports Show Presenter & Commentator, Drystone Radio
Adam F, Sales Director, Longside Radio
Liam Fielding, Sales Director, Frequency
Joan Finlayson, Production Assistant, Radio North Angus
Sylvia Fountain, Presenter/Fundraiser, L&D Hospital Radio
Paul France, Programme Manager, Radio Plus
Chris Francis, Presenter, Radio Tyneside
Joe Friel, Head of Sales, Fun Kids
Gina Frost, Group Commercial Director, Town 102 (and others)
Beverley Fullen, Sales Director, Eagle Extra
Lol Gellor, Presenter, Betar Bangla
Dave George, Sales Director, Longside Radio
Leon Glascott, Field Sales Manager, 106-108 Real Radio
Alistair Goodier, Presenter, Radio Tyneside
Rob Gorman, Outside Events Coordinator, NH Sound
Lynsey Graham, Station Director, Radio Borders
Bob Graham, Station Manager, Stroud FM
Phil Green, Presenter, Susy Radio
Simon Guettier, Senior Presenter/Producer, BFBS Radio UK
Laura Hamilton, Volunteer, AIR 107.2
James Hanson, Head of Speech,
James Harwood, Sales Director, Radio Lion
Jeff Harwood, Director of Sales, Rutland Radio
Richard Hatch, Presenter/Producer, BFBS Radio UK
Emily Hay, Sales Director, 96.4 Eagle Radio (and others)

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What's a Sales Director?

Media UK lists two bits of information on peoples' job titles - their actual job title, and an industry standard title (which for this page is Sales Director). This is to help people find other people who do roughly the same job role within the industry.