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UK radio stations on DAB

Aberdeen: BBC Radio nan Gaidheal
Aberdeen: NECR
Aberdeen: Northsound 1
Aberdeen: Northsound 2
Aberdeen: BBC Radio Scotland
Aberdeen: talkSPORT
Aberdeen: Waves Radio 101.2
Ayr: BBC Radio nan Gaidheal
Ayr: BBC Radio Scotland
Ayr: talkSPORT
Ayr: UWS Radio
Ayr: 96.7 West FM
Ayr: West Sound 1035AM
Ayr: Xfm
Bath and Wiltshire: Heart
Bath and Wiltshire: Heart
Bath and Wiltshire: KISS
Bath and Wiltshire: Smooth Radio
Bath and Wiltshire: BBC Wiltshire
Bath and Wiltshire: Xfm
BBC National: BBC Asian Network
BBC National: BBC Radio 5 live
BBC National: BBC Radio 5 live sports extra
BBC National: BBC Radio 4
BBC National: BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC National: BBC Radio 1
BBC National: BBC Radio 1Xtra
BBC National: BBC Radio 6 Music
BBC National: BBC Radio 3
BBC National: BBC Radio 2
BBC National: BBC World Service
Birmingham: 102.2 Capital FM
Birmingham: Free Radio
Birmingham: Free Radio 80s
Birmingham: Heart
Birmingham: Heat Radio
Birmingham: The Hits Radio
Birmingham: Kerrang! Radio
Birmingham: Panjab Radio
Birmingham: Smooth Radio
Birmingham: BBC WM
Birmingham: Xfm
Bournemouth: 95.8 Capital FM
Bournemouth: Fire Radio
Bournemouth: Heart
Bournemouth: 106 JACK fm
Bournemouth: Smooth Radio
Bournemouth: BBC Radio Solent
Bournemouth: Wave 105
Bournemouth: Xfm
Bradford and Huddersfield: Heat Radio
Bradford and Huddersfield: BBC Radio Leeds
Bradford and Huddersfield: Panjab Radio
Bradford and Huddersfield: The Pulse of West Yorkshire
Bradford and Huddersfield: Pulse 2
Bradford and Huddersfield: Sunrise Radio (Yorkshire)
Bristol and Bath: BBC Radio Bristol
Bristol and Bath: 95.8 Capital FM
Bristol and Bath: Heart
Bristol and Bath: 106.5 JACK fm
Bristol and Bath: Smooth Radio
Cambridge: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
Cambridge: 95.8 Capital FM
Cambridge: Heart
Cambridge: Smooth Radio
Cambridge: Xfm
Cardiff and Newport: 97.4/103.2 Capital FM
Cardiff and Newport: BBC Radio Cymru
Cardiff and Newport: Heart
Cardiff and Newport: Nation Hits
Cardiff and Newport: Nation Radio
Cardiff and Newport: Smooth Radio
Cardiff and Newport: BBC Radio Wales
Central Lancashire: Absolute Radio 60s
Central Lancashire: Absolute Classic Rock
Central Lancashire: 102 Capital FM
Central Lancashire: Heart
Central Lancashire: Heat Radio
Central Lancashire: The Hits Radio
Central Lancashire: Kerrang! Radio
Central Lancashire: BBC Radio Lancashire
Central Lancashire: Magic 999
Central Lancashire: 97.4 Rock FM
Central Lancashire: Smooth Radio
Central Scotland: 103.1 Central FM
Central Scotland: Eklipse Sports Radio
Central Scotland: Heart
Central Scotland: BBC Radio nan Gaidheal
Central Scotland: talkSPORT
Central Scotland: Xfm
Cornwall: 95.8 Capital FM
Cornwall: BBC Radio Cornwall
Cornwall: Heart
Cornwall: KISS
Cornwall: Pirate FM
Cornwall: Xfm
Coventry: 102.2 Capital FM
Coventry: BBC Coventry and Warwickshire
Coventry: Free Radio
Coventry: Free Radio 80s
Coventry: Heart
Coventry: Panjab Radio
Coventry: Smooth Radio
Digital One National: Absolute Radio
Digital One National: Absolute 80s
Digital One National: Absolute Radio 90s
Digital One National: BFBS Radio UK
Digital One National: Capital XTRA
Digital One National: Classic FM
Digital One National: KISS
Digital One National: LBC
Digital One National: Planet Rock
Digital One National: Premier Christian Radio
Digital One National: Smooth Radio
Digital One National: talkSPORT
Digital One National: TeamRock Radio
Digital One National: UCB UK
Dundee and Perth: Bridge fm
Dundee and Perth: Heartland FM
Dundee and Perth: Heat Radio
Dundee and Perth: BBC Radio nan Gaidheal
Dundee and Perth: Radio North Angus
Dundee and Perth: BBC Radio Scotland
Dundee and Perth: Tay AM
Dundee and Perth: Tay FM
Edinburgh: 105-106 Capital FM
Edinburgh: Forth One
Edinburgh: Forth 2
Edinburgh: Heart
Edinburgh: Heat Radio
Edinburgh: The Hits Radio
Edinburgh: Kerrang! Radio
Edinburgh: BBC Radio Scotland
Edinburgh: Smooth Radio
Exeter and Torbay: 95.8 Capital FM
Exeter and Torbay: BBC Radio Devon
Exeter and Torbay: Heart
Exeter and Torbay: KISS
Exeter and Torbay: Smooth Radio
Exeter and Torbay: The Voice
Exeter and Torbay: Xfm
Glasgow: 105-106 Capital FM
Glasgow: Clyde 1
Glasgow: Clyde 2
Glasgow: Heart
Glasgow: Heat Radio
Glasgow: The Hits Radio
Glasgow: Kerrang! Radio
Glasgow: BBC Radio Scotland
Glasgow: Smooth Radio
Gloucestershire: BBC Radio Gloucestershire
Gloucestershire: Heart
Gloucestershire: Smooth Radio
Gloucestershire: Sunshine Radio
Hereford and Worcester: Free Radio
Hereford and Worcester: BBC Hereford and Worcester
Hereford and Worcester: Sunshine Radio
Herts Beds Bucks: BOB fm
Herts Beds Bucks: 95.8 Capital FM
Herts Beds Bucks: Connect FM
Herts Beds Bucks: Heart
Herts Beds Bucks: MKFM
Herts Beds Bucks: BBC Radio Northampton
Herts Beds Bucks: Smooth Radio
Herts Beds Bucks: BBC Three Counties Radio
Humberside: Absolute Radio 60s
Humberside: Absolute Classic Rock
Humberside: Heat Radio
Humberside: The Hits Radio
Humberside: BBC Radio Humberside
Humberside: Kerrang! Radio
Humberside: Magic 1161
Humberside: 96.9 Viking FM
Inverness: MFR
Inverness: BBC Radio nan Gaidheal
Inverness: BBC Radio Scotland
Kent: 95.8 Capital FM
Kent: Heart
Kent: BBC Radio Kent
Kent: kmfm
Kent: Smooth Radio
Kent: Xfm
Leeds: Absolute Radio 60s
Leeds: Absolute Classic Rock
Leeds: 96.3 Radio Aire
Leeds: Heat Radio
Leeds: The Hits Radio
Leeds: Kerrang! Radio
Leeds: BBC Radio Leeds
Leeds: Magic 828
Leicester: 96-106 Capital FM
Leicester: Gem 106
Leicester: Gold
Leicester: Heart
Leicester: BBC Radio Leicester
Leicester: Sabras Radio
Leicester: Sanskar Radio
Leicester: Xfm
Liverpool: Absolute Radio 60s
Liverpool: Absolute Classic Rock
Liverpool: 95-106 Capital FM
Liverpool: Radio City 96.7
Liverpool: City Talk 105.9
Liverpool: Heart
Liverpool: Heat Radio
Liverpool: The Hits Radio
Liverpool: Kerrang! Radio
Liverpool: Magic 1548
Liverpool: BBC Radio Merseyside
Liverpool: Smooth Radio
London 1: 95.8 Capital FM
London 1: Heart
London 1: Heat Radio
London 1: The Hits Radio
London 1: Kerrang! Radio
London 1: KISS
London 1: Magic 105.4
London 1: Smooth Radio
London 1: Xfm
London 2: Absolute Radio 70s
London 2: Absolute Radio 00s
London 2: Amazing Radio
London 2: The Arrow
London 2: French Radio London
London 2: Gold
London 2: Jazz FM
London 2: LBC News 1152
London 2: BBC London
London 2: Panjab Radio
London 2: Sout Al Khaleej
London 2: Spectrum Radio
London 2: talkSPORT
London 2: UCB Inspirational
London 2: Voice of Russia
London 3: Absolute Radio 60s
London 3: Absolute Classic Rock
London 3: Chill
London 3: Radio 1458
London 3: Fun Kids
London 3: Gaydio
London 3: IBC Tamil
London 3: Polish Radio London
London 3: Premier Gospel
London 3: Radio 1035
London 3: The Wireless
Manchester: Asian Sound Radio
Manchester: 102 Capital FM
Manchester: Heart
Manchester: Heat Radio
Manchester: The Hits Radio
Manchester: Kerrang! Radio
Manchester: Key 103
Manchester: Magic 1152
Manchester: BBC Radio Manchester
Manchester: Smooth Radio
Manchester: Xfm
Mid and West Wales: 97.1 Radio Carmarthenshire
Mid and West Wales: BBC Radio Cymru
Mid and West Wales: Heart
Mid and West Wales: Nation Hits
Mid and West Wales: Nation Radio
Mid and West Wales: 102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire
Mid and West Wales: BBC Radio Wales
Northamptonshire: BOB fm
Northamptonshire: 95.8 Capital FM
Northamptonshire: Connect FM
Northamptonshire: Heart
Northamptonshire: MKFM
Northamptonshire: BBC Radio Northampton
Northamptonshire: Smooth Radio
Northamptonshire: BBC Three Counties Radio
Northern Ireland: Citybeat 96.7 102.5FM
Northern Ireland: Cool FM
Northern Ireland: Downtown Radio
Northern Ireland: Heat Radio
Northern Ireland: BBC Radio Ulster
Norwich: The Beach
Norwich: 95.8 Capital FM
Norwich: Heart
Norwich: BBC Radio Norfolk
Norwich: Smooth Radio
Norwich: Xfm
Nottingham: 96-106 Capital FM
Nottingham: Gem 106
Nottingham: Gold
Nottingham: Heart
Nottingham: BBC Radio Nottingham
Nottingham: Smooth Radio
Nottingham: Xfm
Oxfordshire: BFBS Brize Norton
Oxfordshire: 95.8 Capital FM
Oxfordshire: Heart
Oxfordshire: 106 JACK fm
Oxfordshire: JACKfm 2 Oxfordshire
Oxfordshire: BBC Radio Oxford
Oxfordshire: Smooth Radio
Peterborough: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
Peterborough: 95.8 Capital FM
Peterborough: Heart
Peterborough: Smooth Radio
Peterborough: Xfm
Plymouth: 95.8 Capital FM
Plymouth: BBC Radio Devon
Plymouth: Heart
Plymouth: KISS
Plymouth: Smooth Radio
Plymouth: Xfm
Reading and Basingstoke: BBC Radio Berkshire
Reading and Basingstoke: 95.8 Capital FM
Reading and Basingstoke: Heart
Reading and Basingstoke: 107 JACK fm
Reading and Basingstoke: Smooth Radio
Reading and Basingstoke: Xfm
South Hampshire: Channel 9
South Hampshire: Angel Radio
South Hampshire: 103.2 Capital FM
South Hampshire: Fire Radio
South Hampshire: Heart
South Hampshire: 106 JACK fm
South Hampshire: Smooth Radio
South Hampshire: BBC Radio Solent
South Hampshire: Wave 105
South Yorkshire: Absolute Radio 60s
South Yorkshire: Absolute Classic Rock
South Yorkshire: Hallam FM
South Yorkshire: Heat Radio
South Yorkshire: The Hits Radio
South Yorkshire: Kerrang! Radio
South Yorkshire: Magic AM
South Yorkshire: BBC Radio Sheffield
South Yorkshire: Trax FM
Southend and Chelmsford: 95.8 Capital FM
Southend and Chelmsford: BBC Essex
Southend and Chelmsford: Radio Essex
Southend and Chelmsford: Heart
Southend and Chelmsford: Smooth Radio
Southend and Chelmsford: Xfm
Stoke on Trent: Heat Radio
Stoke on Trent: Signal 1
Stoke on Trent: Signal 2
Stoke on Trent: BBC Radio Stoke
Stoke on Trent: UCB Inspirational
Surrey: 96.4 Eagle Radio
Surrey: eagle3
Surrey: Redstone FM
Surrey: BBC Surrey
Sussex Coast: 95.8 Capital FM
Sussex Coast: Gaydio
Sussex Coast: Heart
Sussex Coast: Smile Sussex
Sussex Coast: Smooth Radio
Sussex Coast: BBC Sussex
Sussex Coast: Xfm
Swansea: BBC Radio Cymru
Swansea: Heart
Swansea: Heat Radio
Swansea: Swansea Sound
Swansea: BBC Radio Wales
Swansea: 96.4 The Wave
Swindon: 95.8 Capital FM
Swindon: Heart
Swindon: KISS
Swindon: Smooth Radio
Swindon: BBC Wiltshire
Swindon: Xfm
Teesside: Absolute Radio 60s
Teesside: Absolute Classic Rock
Teesside: 105-106 Capital FM
Teesside: Heart
Teesside: Heat Radio
Teesside: The Hits Radio
Teesside: Kerrang! Radio
Teesside: Magic 1170
Teesside: Smooth Radio
Teesside: BBC Tees
Teesside: The New TFM
Tyne and Wear: Absolute Radio 60s
Tyne and Wear: Absolute Classic Rock
Tyne and Wear: 105-106 Capital FM
Tyne and Wear: Heart
Tyne and Wear: Heat Radio
Tyne and Wear: The Hits Radio
Tyne and Wear: Kerrang! Radio
Tyne and Wear: Magic 1152
Tyne and Wear: Metro Radio
Tyne and Wear: BBC Newcastle
Tyne and Wear: Smooth Radio
Wolverhampton: 102.2 Capital FM
Wolverhampton: Free Radio
Wolverhampton: Free Radio 80s
Wolverhampton: Heart
Wolverhampton: Panjab Radio
Wolverhampton: BBC Radio Shropshire
Wolverhampton: Smooth Radio
Wolverhampton: BBC WM
Wolverhampton: Radio XL 1296 AM
Wrexham Chester and Liverpool: BBC Radio Cymru
Wrexham Chester and Liverpool: Dee on DAB
Wrexham Chester and Liverpool: Heart
Wrexham Chester and Liverpool: 107.6 Juice FM
Wrexham Chester and Liverpool: Nation Radio
Wrexham Chester and Liverpool: BBC Radio Wales
Wrexham Chester and Liverpool: Wirral Radio
Yorkshire: 105 Capital FM
Yorkshire: Gold
Yorkshire: Heart
Yorkshire: Smooth Radio
Yorkshire: UCB Gospel
Yorkshire: UCB Inspirational
Yorkshire: Xfm
Yorkshire: Radio Yorkshire
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