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Television: opinion

Chromecast launches in UK: long-term review
By James Cridland Posted March 19, 2014
A new TV media player that launched today in the UK - I've had one for six months
Long Term Review: Samsung UE32 F6510 SmartHub TV
By James Cridland Posted August 13, 2013
Amazing picture and feature-rich, even if the apps aren't up to much
Review: Sky's ten-quid NOW TV box
By James Cridland Posted August 2, 2013
You can add a bunch of on-demand stuff to your telly for just a tenner - and we think you should
Costa - the real winner at MediaCityUK
By Jack Jevons Posted July 2, 2013
The BBC, ITV Granada, University of Salford and Radio Today all live here - all fuelled on Costa
Regional bias? The BBC's underspend in the Midlands looks like it
By Robin Valk Posted March 1, 2013
There are many reasons to bemoan the huge loss of broadcasting jobs in the Midlands: the best is simple economics, but a bit of fair play wouldn't hurt.
Review: TPB-AFK - The Pirate Bay on the big screen
By James Cridland Posted February 22, 2013
The new film about The Pirate Bay is out - it's good: but still opaque about what TPB is really for
Amazon Elastic Transcoder means anyone can rival the BBC iPlayer
By James Cridland Posted January 30, 2013
A new service from Amazon means transcoding video in multiple formats is no longer just for the big broadcasters
Review: 48 hours with a YouView box
By Olly Benson Posted January 23, 2013
Despite everything that has been promised, I’ve had a few niggles.
Why television programme scheduling and marketing sucks
By Adam Bowie Posted December 19, 2012
How many people are missing great shows because poor advertising and scheduling?
Kay Burley - insensitive and sensationalist about April Jones?
By James Cridland Posted October 5, 2012
Was Kay Burley's decision to break the news to volunteers that April Jones's family "don't expect to find her alive" the right one?
The BBC iPlayer and their political fascination with Apple
By James Cridland Posted September 5, 2012
The BBC iPlayer's new download-to-mobile function is only available on Apple devices: is this for a technical reason, or is something else at play?
Super Hi-Vision - the future of television?
By James Cridland Posted August 8, 2012
The NHK and BBC trial of ultra-HD television - what we'll all have in five years in our living room?
What really broke the BBC's cycling coverage
By James Cridland Posted July 30, 2012
Was it Twitter that broke the BBC's cycling coverage? Or was it something rather closer to home?
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