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Presenter - Private Financial Investors, Niche Television Ltd

This job is located in Oxford (map)

Niche Television is producing a new TV show to be broadcast on the Sky and Freesat platforms from Ocotober 2012. The programme will concentrate on bringing the financial markets and commodities to the private investor.

We are looking for 2 freelance presenters who have a proven history of presenting AND a genuine and demonstrative interest in the financial sector.
The position is freelance and part time and will last for approximately 8 weeks.
Salary will be the equivalent of £750 per week pro-rata. 2 to 4 days a week will be required.

To apply:
This job's closed, so you can no longer apply for this position.

Closed on: Sunday 30 September
This vacancy for a Presenter - Private Financial Investors was posted by a user at on Monday 17 September 2012
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